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The David Bradford 60/30/10 Rule

Over my 35 years in business, I have seen lots of companies grow, scale and prosper but even more struggle, fail and fade into a distant memory.  Over this per...
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Breaking Social Stereotypes – Women In Technology

I got into the Tech space some 35 years ago, then there were very few women in the technology companies with which I was working. I was quite sure that over...
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Do We Have Guardian Angels?

It was an average, ordinary day in Provo, Utah. I had been at our local golf club banging out a few drives on the range. A bit of a nasty weather pattern was st...
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Being “Overrated” can be a good thing — Just ask Rickie Fowler

  People will put labels on us: Overrated, Underrated, Too Small, Too Old, Can’t win the big one, Not fast enough, Not smart enough, Too inexpe...
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One Huge Lesson Executives can learn from Tragedy in Baltimore

We have all been shocked at the rioting and destruction in one of America’s great cities- Baltimore, Maryland. The full extent of the damage done by the viole...
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David Bradford Inducted into 2013 Utah Technology Council Hall of Fame

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