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How Heisman Candidate Taysom Hill Leverages LinkedIn

  Taysom Hill is one great young man. He seems to have everything going his way. Early in his junior season, he is having a break out year playing qu...
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My take on the ice bucket challenge and thoughts on three dear friends who have lost their battle to this dreaded monster

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is a disease that attacks the nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord.  A French neurologist, Jean-Martin ...
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Networking Takes Work But The Results Are Awesomesauce

To create an actionable and powerful personal network, it needs to be scaled up in a big way. And that takes work. Networking is plain hard work. You first have...
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Free Agent In Business: Are You LeBron James Or Steve Jobs?

LeBron James is now officially a free agent. He is seeking the Maximum allowable salary in the NBA which would be roughly $20 Million for the coming year. Under...
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Coopetition and the 2014 World Cup

People that know me well see me generally as a "nice guy" but one with a serious competitive bent. From the golf course to business to book authorship, I like t...
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David Bradford Inducted into 2013 Utah Technology Council Hall of Fame

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