Three Tips on How to “Grow” During the Pandemic

Three Tips on How to “Grow” During the Pandemic

You may have heard about a “growth” mindset, but what does that really mean? Undoubtedly, it means different things to different people. For me a growth mindset means being curious enough and humble enough to learn from others and apply what I’ve learned to become a better person. To draw upon Abraham Lincoln’s words from his First Inaugural Address a growth mindset to give way to “the better angels of our nature.” These principles apply in life as well as in business.

Here are three practical tips about how to grow during the pandemic:

1)  Don’t Fight Change But Embrace It.  Too often people become comfortable in their life or lifestyle. However, some seem adept at learning to adapt and change (including to the challenges of the pandemic). Take for instance Jackson Smith, the youngest legally blind skier to ski the Big Couloir at Big Sky Resort in Montana. At age 8, Jackson began to have vision problems. His eye doctor discovered that his optic nerve was bleeding. He had to have immediate surgery to correct the problem. During the surgery it was discovered that Jackson had a brain tumor the size of a softball. That first surgery to correct the optic nerve and remove the brain tumor lasted 15 hours. Over the next several years, Jackson had more surgeries and more cancer treatments including radiation treatment. Despite it all, Jackson has learned to embrace a new normal—life being legally blind. According to Jackson’s dad he has “lost his vision, but still has not lost his love for life.” If you want to find out more about Jackson’s inspiring story of embracing change and growing from it, click here:

2)  Be Willing to Learn from Others.  One’s willingness and ability to learn from others is a skill and characteristic that I find rare. I believe it is rare, in part, because it requires one to look outside the “echo chamber” we often find ourselves in. Stated differently, learning from others depends on people’s ability to integrate their own and others’ experiences. In order to do that successfully, people have to abstract from single experiences (that others have had) and recognize those features that different situations have in common; in other words, pattern recognition. When you implement pattern recognition into your learning, you can become a better version of yourself. That is why it is a great growth technique to learn from someone else, whether his or her experience is good or bad.

3)  Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude.  In my last blog post I outlined some things to be grateful for during these challenging times. I recently heard a story about a U.S. serviceman who served in World War II and as a result missed three Christmases way from his family. Rather than coming home and being bitter, he came home to more fully appreciate and be grateful for Christmas. As a result, Christmas became his “favorite time of the year.”

Of course, all this principles can be applied to growing a business. If you would like other tips about how to grow a business, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

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