Part 1: In 2014 Do These 3 Little Things That Others Wont to Create Personal, Permanent, and Powerful Business Connections


Dear Friends –

At the risk of adding a few things to your 2014 list of resolutions, I want to challenge you to do THREE SIMPLE THINGS.

Let me introduce those three things by explaining that in my business experience, building key and enduring connections is the single most powerful action one can take to build their company or enterprise. Many of us know this intuitively but let me ask you this:  How many of you will take specific actions during 2014 to expand and enhance your business contacts?

In my speeches, I talk frequently about some key things that can catapult your business from being ordinary to extraordinary. They include building marquis customers and game-changing strategic partnerships. But what is the ignition point that triggers those key deals?  More often than not, it is a personal relationship that becomes your catalyst to success and an entrée into those business partnerships.

It has been said that that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”  Well here are three small and simple things to do this year that could definitively increase your chances for success.  Let me warn you– they are NOT HARD.  But they do take commitment and a little time.

First Small Thing – Make everything personal – comment personally and connect personally. By this I mean, take the time to post personal comments to someone’s blog, Facebook post, Google Circles or LinkedIn shares. A simple:  “Bill – what you wrote here is exceptional or Heather – those insights really helped me today” go a long way. When someone takes the time to post a photo or outline their views on a subject, take the extra step others don’t. For example, in Facebook, most people will simply click the “like” button. In Linkedin, Most people will simply click that they “endorse” someone rather than writing a personal recommendation. The latter will help your connection more substantially and will further deepen your personal relationship with your contact.

Another thing to do is to personalize your message when seeking to connect with someone. The easy thing to do is to click on the standard. For LinkedIn it is:  I’d would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Or you could try something more akin to this:

Hi John – I enjoyed your recent article on ____________. I noticed we have four mutual friends on LinkedIn. I worked closely with ______ at _____. Great individual. These days I am working in your same business area and would like connect with you on LinkedIn

Stated another way, do your homework before approaching someone.  Check out their blogs, their posts, their likes and their business background. I know from experience that the personalized message always gets a substantially higher positive response rate. It also gives you the opportunity to find mutual points of contact with your new business connection.


Be part of the 5% that take the time to comment or endorse in a personal way thereby building a personal relationship that later becomes actionable.


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4 thoughts on “Part 1: In 2014 Do These 3 Little Things That Others Wont to Create Personal, Permanent, and Powerful Business Connections”

  1. Mr. Bradford As always thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Looking forward to the impact this will have in my professional and personal life. Reno Mahe

    1. I just want to tell you that I am very new to weblog and abustolely loved your blog site. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You abustolely come with remarkable stories. Thanks a lot for sharing your website page.

  2. David – I like the first of the 3. I’m looking forward to the next 2. It makes me stop to think about how often I just don’t think about taking the time to personalize. Thanks for the reminder! Penney

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