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5 (New) Reasons Why Mitt Romney Should Enter the 2016 Race



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6 thoughts on “I am now a contributing author for the Huffington Post”

  1. I believe Mitt would be one of the greatest presidents our country has ever seen. I believe he was raised up to lead our country at this time. He understands our Founding Fathers and cherishes our beloved Constitution. Mitt has a moral compass and the courage to follow that compass at all times – no exceptions. The world has looked to the United States for guidance and true leadership. Although we have lost our way, Mitt would put us back on track.

  2. (Also posted to HuffPo)

    David ,

    Your rationale for why Mitt Romney should run for president in 2016 is … I say this hesitantly but I’ll say it nonetheless … beyond ridiculous. Let’s recap your arguments:

    1. Romney sings well. This is beyond irrelevant and the character attributes you associate with his singing ability are emotive inferences that any rational voter should see as manipulative rather than substantive.

    2. Romney married Ann. This is not a qualification for presidency. The same correlation could be applied to President Obama and his marriage to Michelle but I’d guess you don’t admire Mr. Obama for his choice of wife.

    3. Romney a passion for work. So do I. Does that make me a candidate for the presidency? Nope. A passion for work is not a qualification for presidency.

    4. Romney has more grandkids than you do. The number of descendants he has is not a qualification for candidacy, it simply underlines the fact that his family has adequate (actually, considerably more than adequate) resources to support the economic consequences of large families.

    5. Romney has a strong moral compass. This is perhaps your most contentious and least rationally defensible argument and while your assertion that apparent adherence to faith matters we’ll skip that and concentrate on the secular issues or ethics and morality. Remember Romney’s assertion that ““Corporations are people, my friend,” his smart-ass comeback at the Iowa State Fair in 2011? Then there was his previous life as hedge fund asset stripper in his Bane Capital days: “… from 1985 to 1999 … Romney was fabulously successful in generating high returns for [Bane’s] investors. He did so, in large part, through heavy use of tax-deductible debt, usually to finance outsized dividends for the firm’s partners and investors. When some of the investments went bad, workers and creditors felt most of the pain. Romney privatized the gains and socialized the losses.” (http://tinyurl.com/6nzno3x) And let’s not forget the tale of the Seamus, the family dog, consigned to a crate on the roof rack (dismiss it if you will, it is still a true story and an indefensible one).

    Now you might argue that it’s the gestalt of those attributes you chose that make Romney a viable and desirable candidate but all you’d be doing is mythologizing a man whose career has been disconnected from the mundane concerns of the plebs. He has lived a life of privilege and his qualifications for governing anything are, to say the least, dubious.

    I suspect you have been charmed by his charisma (which is not an insignificant factor) but consider your support very carefully. Do you want an image of worthiness in the White House or someone who is ethically and morally substantial and truly of, and for, the people? If the former magical thinking works for you, Romney’s your man. If you choose the latter, he’s definitively not.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mark Gibbs.

    1. Mark- thanks for your considered reply. My remarks on my five reasons are obviously a bit tongue in cheek. The truth is – There are many, many more reasons why Romney would make an outstanding President- He is a Leader of great Men and Women, He surrounds himself with the best and brightest, He loves his country more than self, his business sense is so much more valuable than you would ever know or appreciate unless you have sat in the same room with him making critical decisions. You need to get to know the real man before making what are obviously standard, run of the mill, arguments about his business career. You don’t even spell Bain Capital right. But hey – I appreciate your frank and open response. As a CEO myself of what BusinessWeek Named the most Innovative company on planet earth, and now Chairman of the Board of another one of fastest growing companies in America- HireVue, I think I know what it takes to run a successful enterprise. And Mitt has it like nobody I have ever met including George Bush and Bill Clinton. Kind Regards, David

  3. David, I’m not so sure it’s a great thing to be a contributing blogger with the HuffPost. They’re the ones that outed me and a lot of other Prop 8 donors and as a result our company was greatly harmed. But it is refreshing to see a voice of reason in the mix with that Leftist outlet. :-)

  4. I, too, believe Mitt would make a great President. However, believing in hard work when so many people are wanting a handout from the government, cost him defeat in the last election. I’m sorry, but we have become a nation where too people feel the government should take care of them….. SAD

  5. Yeah, keep ignoring morals and soon you will have nothing to ignore. A country without values has no value. Morality is a cornstone of any civilization. Take away the moral compass and wander aimlessly. Mitt is probably Americas only hope.

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