Listen in order to “Scale-Up”

Larry King, a good friend of mine, passed away recently. I have a lot of memories from working with Larry, but one of my favorites is that Larry was a great listener. He would regularly say: “Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.” Larry’s longtime producer, Wendy Walker, echoed a similar sentiment when she was asked about what Larry’s impact on her. “He really listened to his guests. . . He never made it about himself.”

In my book, “Up Your Game,” I share how Larry helped me in business. As Executive Chairman of HireVue, a digital interviewing/hiring platform, I invited Larry King to be a board member. He gladly accepted. It was a natural fit, as Larry is known as one of the greatest interviewers of all time.

This, and other stories, can be found in the chapter of the book entitled “Scale-up.” One of the conclusions I draw in that chapter is that: “[c]onnections lead to more connections, and building an awesome advisory board allows you to grow your greatest resource pool.” Having a great resource pool helps one to “scale-up.” One builds that resource pool by listening, just like Larry King did. (Larry conducted more than 30,000 interviews, including interviews with sitting presidents like Gerald Ford and Barack Obama; that’s quite a resource pool!)

To learn more about Larry King, and some of the reasons he was a great interviewer, check out this short interview of Larry:

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The 6-Up Principles for 2021

Edith Pierce said: “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

A new year is a good time to review guiding principles that can help our lives, especially during these challenging times (the pandemic, civil unrest, etc.).

I want to give you a brief overview of how I believe my 6-Up Principles can help generate success and happiness for you in the year ahead (2021).

  • Start-up—You “Start Up” your year by setting concrete goals. Examples – A) elevate the lives of your employees by reaching $1 Million in sales for your company; B) post powerful insights once a week on social media; C) exercise 4 times a week and lose 15 pounds; or D) write thank you notes every Sunday to those who have had a positive impact on your life. In my book “Up Your Game,” I note that starting up includes thinking first of others. Make sure to have at least some of your goals centered on others.
  • Show-up—one of my adopted mantras is that 90 percent of success in life is achieved by just showing up. In 2021, be willing to show up for others, even if it involves a little bit of personal risk. Sometimes, you cannot show up in person . . .so show up and be heard online and use LinkedIn to foster and expand business relationships.
  • Follow-up—I’ve found that this simple principle is often neglected. 90% of people do not follow up within 24 hours. Be part of the unique 10% that follow up quickly, and in a thoughtful and powerful way. If you can increase your capacity to follow-up, you will find a greater measure of success in your day-to-day lives.
  • Link-up—this simple question can help you feel less “distanced” from others in 2021: “How can I connect with others?” This question should be followed by the mantra: “You can learn something from everyone.”
  • Stand-up—never do anything that will cause people to question your integrity. Be known for something positive. Think of powerful ways that you can do this remotely. 2021 will be a year in which many people will be working from home, but find a way to Stand UP even from your home.
  • Scale-up—be able to demonstrate the ability to expand your network of resources. Add 100 people a week as LinkedIn connections. Think of viral/organic ways to scale your business. The people that succeed in 2021 will need to be creative in how to expand their businesses – even from a distance. I challenge you to be resourceful and creative in 2021.
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Three Tips on How to “Grow” During the Pandemic

Three Tips on How to “Grow” During the Pandemic

You may have heard about a “growth” mindset, but what does that really mean? Undoubtedly, it means different things to different people. For me a growth mindset means being curious enough and humble enough to learn from others and apply what I’ve learned to become a better person. To draw upon Abraham Lincoln’s words from his First Inaugural Address a growth mindset to give way to “the better angels of our nature.” These principles apply in life as well as in business.

Here are three practical tips about how to grow during the pandemic:

1)  Don’t Fight Change But Embrace It.  Too often people become comfortable in their life or lifestyle. However, some seem adept at learning to adapt and change (including to the challenges of the pandemic). Take for instance Jackson Smith, the youngest legally blind skier to ski the Big Couloir at Big Sky Resort in Montana. At age 8, Jackson began to have vision problems. His eye doctor discovered that his optic nerve was bleeding. He had to have immediate surgery to correct the problem. During the surgery it was discovered that Jackson had a brain tumor the size of a softball. That first surgery to correct the optic nerve and remove the brain tumor lasted 15 hours. Over the next several years, Jackson had more surgeries and more cancer treatments including radiation treatment. Despite it all, Jackson has learned to embrace a new normal—life being legally blind. According to Jackson’s dad he has “lost his vision, but still has not lost his love for life.” If you want to find out more about Jackson’s inspiring story of embracing change and growing from it, click here:

2)  Be Willing to Learn from Others.  One’s willingness and ability to learn from others is a skill and characteristic that I find rare. I believe it is rare, in part, because it requires one to look outside the “echo chamber” we often find ourselves in. Stated differently, learning from others depends on people’s ability to integrate their own and others’ experiences. In order to do that successfully, people have to abstract from single experiences (that others have had) and recognize those features that different situations have in common; in other words, pattern recognition. When you implement pattern recognition into your learning, you can become a better version of yourself. That is why it is a great growth technique to learn from someone else, whether his or her experience is good or bad.

3)  Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude.  In my last blog post I outlined some things to be grateful for during these challenging times. I recently heard a story about a U.S. serviceman who served in World War II and as a result missed three Christmases way from his family. Rather than coming home and being bitter, he came home to more fully appreciate and be grateful for Christmas. As a result, Christmas became his “favorite time of the year.”

Of course, all this principles can be applied to growing a business. If you would like other tips about how to grow a business, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

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My List of Things to Be Grateful for During 2020! #GiveThanks

Here is my list of Top 10 Things that we can be uniquely grateful for during the 2020 COVID Pandemic!

1. A Reset Button for The World—2020, a year marked by the COVID pandemic, offers an opportunity to step back and reconsider our priorities as a people and a planet.
2. “Home” Is No Longer A Pit Stop—Schedules aren’t as rushed or compromised, leading to more opportunities to spend time with family.
3. The Value of Exercise—Research shows that regular, moderately intense exercise has immune-boosting benefits.
4.  A Recognition That Material Things Are Not As Important—We find it easier to identify what is critical to happiness in our lives.
5. Caregivers, Teachers and 1st Responders—These individuals are deeply appreciated, and we now have increased opportunities to thank these individuals.
6. A Renewed Appreciation for Family—The pandemic has limited many people to home and immediate family. For most people, this has increased their appreciation of family.
7. Rediscovering Nature—Now we have more opportunities to listen to the crashing waves and the songs of birds. What if we spent more times in parks than malls?
8. Massive Improvements in the Environment—Skies are blue in Delhi and the air quality in China has improved dramatically.
9. Innovation in Technology and Epidemiology—Technological and scientific innovations will benefit humanity for years and years to come.
10. A Renewed Opportunity for Reflection and to Express Gratitude—We can step back and look at our friends and family and express thanks to them during this times.

If you can think of other things to be grateful for during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks, I’m grateful for you!


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How does Jordan Spieth Spell Success?





Life lessons for your Business from a 23-year old

Jordan Spieth redefined the term “Resilience” yesterday in what I believe, will forever be seen as the classic comeback in all of professional golf.

I wish all businesses could show the resiliency that Jordan Spieth showed yesterday at the Open Golf Championship. There are many lessons to be learned from his monumentally gutty performance, and below I will share with you my 2 favorites.

But first, let me set the stage. (more…)

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How did “magic” drive the success of Apple Computer and 2 lessons to learn from it.

IMG_7908 2 (2) (1)

It has been 40 years since Apple Computer was incorporated in 1977.

35 years later in 2012, when Apple’s market valuation topped out at $661 billion, it was the highest valuation of any company ever! And here we are five years later and Apple’s Valuation is now close to $800 Billion. These numbers are incomprehensible in many ways.

Apple — the most valuable company in the history of the world! (more…)

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A Tribute to the Forgotten Man Behind Instagram


The Real Inventor of Instagram?

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Camera Phone. It happened on June 11, 1997. This is the date that the ultimate innovator, my friend, Philippe Kahn, instantly shared the first pictures from the maternity ward where his daughter Sophie was born. He wirelessly transmitted his cell phone pictures to more than 2,000 family, friends and associates around the world. (more…)

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A Commencement Speech (2017)












By: David Bradford

Dear Graduate –

This is my message to all of you 18 year olds graduating from high school this month or you 22 year olds that are matriculating from college. First- big congratulations. You have achieved a wonderful milestone. BUT NOW WHAT?


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Larry King Interviews David Bradford

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What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur

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What is the ONE Personal Characteristic that Outdoes All Others?


Martin Frey summits Mount Vinson 2012 completing his quest to summit the highest peeks on all seven continents.

Whether in Sports, Business, Life or Philanthropy what is the one signature characteristic of those that succeed in their endeavors in this world?

And what do Tiger Woods, Martin Frey, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, and Rose Warne, have in common?

Let me start with a short story. (more…)

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Today’s Election – A Lesson, A Warning, and A Note of Optimism


By any measure, Tuesday’s Presidential election is the most “interesting” of my lifetime. It is with great difficulty that you can find anyone at any point in our vast political spectrum who is truly happy with the Presidential choices we have been given.


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Version 2A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting someone who is NOT running for President, someone who has NOT won massive accolades on the sports field, nor someone who has made a Billion dollars in business. (Well – actually I met Billionaire Tim Cook, CEO of Apple – the world’s most valuable company). But I also met someone someone much more important. His name is Gabe Adams. (more…)

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.02.15 PMSince it was released on July 6, 2016, Pokemon GO has been an almost freakish success. Arguably, it will change the world of video gaming forever. One of the owners and huge beneficiaries of all of this is Nintendo which has already added nearly $20 Billion dollars to its market valuation. While the stock will undoubtedly come back down to earth, business people who ignore this phenomenon do so at their own risk. (more…)

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“FluentWorlds – changing the Teaching Paradigm; Attention all Foreign language speakers; Teach in Online 3D virtual Worlds”

“FluentWorlds – changing the Teaching Paradigm; Attention all Foreign language speakers; Teach in Online 3D virtual Worlds”

It has been said that to be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.

Forty-five years ago, I found myself in France. I loved those two years. I learned a new language and was able to share my beliefs with thousands of native French speakers. When I came home, however, the only job I could find was flipping burgers at the BYU cafeteria. What’s more,  I felt a bit disconnected from those with whom I had spent so much time. I wish the opportunity I will tell you about here had been present back then.



  • Have a job that you love
  • Utilize video gaming technology to teach English as a second language
  • Do it from the comfort of your home or apartment
  • Stay connected to your mission field
  • Make good money to support yourself and your family

Technology is an amazing thing. My wife, Dr. Linda Bradford, has always believed that we can find ways to use video gaming technology and use it for uplifting and useful purposes. I admire her dedication to creating a technology platform where instead of having video games interfering with classroom instruction, video game technology is at the core of your instructional paradigm. Video games are a dominant form of entertainment today because they are immersive, exciting, motivating, and often collaborative. ENTER FLUENTWORLDS. (more…)

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The Curious Case of the “Self-Driving” Tesla and one of Utah’s bright Entrepreneurs –aka “Mr.Tesla”

or why it is ESSENTIAL to always listen and respond to your customers.

I hope every large corporation which is interested in customer service will take a moment to read this. Corporations need to understand that merely spouting off well-worn quotes on the need to make “the Customer Priority ONE” is fine.” But you need to back it up with world class execution. You not only need to listen to the customer but you must respond in a meaningful and personal way.  (more…)

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The Emergence of America’s New Three Party System or How Trump Showed the World How to Use the Word Antidisestablishmentarianism in a Sentence.

What has really happened politically this year is that Donald Trump has started a new political party. It is the AntiEstablishment party, and it is doing very well currently. But make no mistake, it is NOT the Republican Party nor is it the Democratic Party.

To be sure, a majority of the new Antiestablishment party members come from the Republican ranks. And because of the way in which the system is set up, Trump had to run as a Republican  . . . much to the current consternation of the more traditional Republicans. I think it is fair to say that there is legitimate panic about Trump potentially being the GOP standard bearer. The other day, Mitt Romney launched a remarkably powerful and well-documented diatribe on the scary prospects of Trump as the Republican nominee. In fact, in my view, Trump IS a is a very concerning figure.The only time I met him he was speaking at some form of a second rate Multi Level marketing convention on how to profit in the real estate market. But in some ways the enmity against Trump/Cruz, et al of those on the more traditional side of isles, is misplaced. What they need to have this year is a Message to those who feel like their voice has not been heard.

What has really happened this year is that the Donald, along with Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson, have tapped into a portion of the electorate that has felt completely disenfranchised for years. In other words, IT COULD BE A MAN IN A CLOWN SUIT AND THEY WOULD VOTE FOR HIM OVER ANYONE PERCEIVED TO BE PART OF THE “Establishment party.”   (more…)

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The Year in Review

2015 Technology in the State of Utah

This past year was a remarkable one for the State of Utah and technology. It was a year for Women in Tech, Billion Dollar Valuations for many Tech companies, IPO’s, and global recognition for Utah.

Invariably, when creating a list like this, some noteworthy achievements will be missed. I did an email to over 150 Corporate tech execs throughout the state and got some terrific responses, and obtained input from the Utah Tech council and the Women’s Tech council; as well as some good input to inquiries I put out there on social media to my 5000 FB friends and 15,000 linkedin connections.

This list represents Doers. I am amazed at the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and “Can Do” attitude in this state. I often say:

“The World needs dreamers and the world needs doers but most of all the world needs dreamers that do.”  (more…)

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The David Bradford 60/30/10 Rule

Over my 35 years in business, I have seen lots of companies grow, scale and prosper but even more struggle, fail and fade into a distant memory.  Over this period, I have developed a Rule that I believe is the #1 Indicator of a Company’s potential success. I call it my 60/30/10 Rule. (more…)

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Breaking Social Stereotypes – Women In Technology


I got into the Tech space some 35 years ago, then there were very few women in the technology companies with which I was working. I was quite sure that over time and, given the vast numbers of females entering the workforce, that the situation would have improved itself. But shockingly, based on my observations as well as a series of studies I have seen, that is simply not true. In fact, it may have gotten worse! (more…)

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Do We Have Guardian Angels?

It was an average, ordinary day in Provo, Utah. I had been at our local golf club banging out a few drives on the range. A bit of a nasty weather pattern was starting to emerge so I decided to go back home.  As I began to leave the club in my 2003 Lexus SUV (proud to say that baby has 212,000 miles on it), I pulled my car up to the usual stoplightand began to wait for the light to turn green. This is one of those extra long lights because you are transitioning from a small side street onto a major highway. You know, one of those where you have to wait at least a minute or two for the light to change.  (more…)

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Being “Overrated” can be a good thing — Just ask Rickie Fowler



People will put labels on us:

Overrated, Underrated, Too Small, Too Old, Can’t win the big one, Not fast enough, Not smart enough, Too inexperienced, etc.

Most of the time, these labels are meant to demean us or put us down. But all that matters in life is how we react to those labels. Those labels are NOT who we are UNLESS we allow them to define us.  (more…)

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One Huge Lesson Executives can learn from Tragedy in Baltimore

We have all been shocked at the rioting and destruction in one of America’s great cities- Baltimore, Maryland. The full extent of the damage done by the violence in Baltimore will not be known for months. But we do know this – probably 100 shops, businesses, and gas stations were burned and ransacked. Parts of this grand city were turned into a War Zone. Shopkeepers fled in fear of their lives as looters, seeking a Five-finger discount, stole everything. A family of four, living in an apartment above the liquor store they owned, fled to save their lives when their store was set ablaze beneath their feet by the rioters. (more…)

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What the Final Four Coaches can teach our Corporate CEO’s

BballMike Krzyzewski, Tom Izzo, John Calipari, and Bo Ryan – magical names, remarkable coaches. Each has consistently built winners in college basketball. Congratulations to each for driving their teams to the Final Four. And the biggest kudo to Coach K on his Fifth National Championship!

Why are these coaches so consistently good and what can CEO’s learn from them? It is my deeply held belief that what has made each of those coaches world class is the same thing that can make any CEO wildly successful.  It starts and ends with Talent.

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In 2007, “The Little Engine that Could” was named one of the top 100 books for teachers of all time. Seven years later, named Utah the Best State for doing Business in all of America. Is there a cause and effect correlation of these 2 things? Not really, but both the Little Engine that Could and the State of Utah have defied all odds and proved that nothing is impossible in this world when you have sufficient belief and determination. (more…)

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Don’t let the Critics Define You; Why I am Rooting for Tiger Woods.

I love people who overcome the odds. A great comeback story, whether in sports or business, is something mesmerizing to me.

Recently, I have been listening and watching with great interest to the self-proclaimed experts on Tiger Woods and his golfing career. Many of his critics have probably never picked up a golf club or, at best, are 18 handicappers at their local Muni. (more…)

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Crimes Against Children—Supporting Elizabeth Smart’s Cause

I once read that the “most precious jewels we will have around our necks are the arms of our children.” God has entrusted these precious souls to us. Oh what a blessing they are! Yet every day we read of another headline on child abuse. When looking at the FBI website about crimes against children today, we read,  “It’s nearly unthinkable, but every year thousands of children become victims of crime—whether it’s through kidnappings, violent attacks, sexual abuse, or online predators.” 

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How You can be “Third String” and still win a National Title

One of history’s great college football stories has just been written. In my mind, it has massive implications for how one thinks about life and success. Appropriately, it occurred in the first year of the College Football Playoffs, which I nicknamed “January Justice.” Finally, the college football championship is decided on the field and not voted on by some obscure committee.  (more…)

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The Top 7 Quotes of the Year from 2014 to inspire us in 2015

img-thingLast year I had 17,770 “Likes” to my Facebook posts. Interesting—Yes? Meaningful—I hope so.

I am always delighted when people on the street thank me for the inspirational quotes posted to social media. I am convinced that with all of the dreary news in the world, people are looking to be uplifted and inspired. 

When I saw this overall number of nearly 18,000 likes, I got to thinking, which of all of the posts were most “Liked?” Did the quotes really help others? Why were some quotes favored so much over others? The average likes per quote were 17 but some had over 100. (more…)

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Happy Holidays




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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Building Business Relationships

If you are interested in reading my latest article on HuffingtonPost, it can be found here:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Building Business Relationships



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What are Mockingjays and why are they critical to your success as a company?


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Entrepreneur on Fire Interview

iTunes Link

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January Justice: Loving the College Football Playoff — No More Guesswork


Aristotle once said:

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst.”

For years, we as college football fans have been separated from justice. The organizations of the NCAA and the BCS have prevented us from having a true National Champion when it comes to college football.  (more…)

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I am now a contributing author for the Huffington Post

If you are interested in reading my latest article, it can be found here:

5 (New) Reasons Why Mitt Romney Should Enter the 2016 Race



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How great Leaders “Get Stuff Done”

I just finished a flight from Salt Lake City to Orange County and thanks to JetBlue, was able to listen live to President Barack Obama’s remarks that came in the aftermath of historic GOP victories in the United States elections that took place yesterday. For those just tuning in, decisive wins were enjoyed by the Republican Party in both state and local elections from Alaska to Florida. (more…)

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What is it like to spend a week with Dr. J?

The Ryder Cup Week of 2014 will forever be etched in my memory. I was invited to go to Scotland and participate in what would be one of the greatest golfing trips imaginable. It was organized by Crewe Capital (see with marvelous sponsorships from the Bronze Buffalo Club and Links Consulting.  (more…)

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FOLLOW UP – A Key To The Largest IPO In The History Of The World

I met Scott Cutler through a friend IN THE EARLY 2000’S. When we first became acquainted, he was early in his career as an investment banker. I could tell immediately that Scott was an up and comer. He was based in New York city, a member of our mutual faith, a fellow lover of the game of golf and someone who was going to carve his name in the annals of business history. That was over a decade ago. Today, he has clearly done that. (more…)

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My take on the ice bucket challenge and thoughts on three dear friends who have lost their battle to this dreaded monster

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is a disease that attacks the nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord.  A French neurologist, Jean-Martin Charcot, identified the disease in 1869.  As those nerves and cells are attacked, it dramatically impacts one’s muscle movement, rendering those affected with complete paralysis in the later stages of the disease. It is called Lou Gehrig’s disease after the great Yankee baseball player was diagnosed with the disease in 1939 and died from it two short years later. His farewell speech given in July of 1939 where he called himself the luckiest man alive, despite suffering from the early ravages of the disease, is considered one of the bravest and most poignant moments in all of sport.  (more…)

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Networking Takes Work But The Results Are Awesomesauce

CroppedTo create an actionable and powerful personal network, it needs to be scaled up in a big way. And that takes work. Networking is plain hard work. You first have to build the network, create the connections; then organize them; then feed, cultivate, care, and nurture that network by consistent, committed follow up. The word for building relationships is NetWORK, not NetEating or NetRelaxing. As Steve Young, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, once told me: “Some things in life you cannot get around, you have to go straight through.” Hard work in building and maintaining a robust and effective network is one of those times. My book describes how to work smartly in order to create a Billion dollar connection at a time, one day at a time.


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Free Agent In Business: Are You LeBron James Or Steve Jobs?

LebronJobsLeBron James is now officially a free agent. He is seeking the Maximum allowable salary in the NBA which would be roughly $20 Million for the coming year. Under the NBA’s complicated Cap salary system, there are only 7 teams that could pay LeBron the $20 Million max salary next year. The Heat, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic.

But shouldn’t LeBron be thinking about taking some of his future compensation in Equity rather than just pure salary? (more…)

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Coopetition and the 2014 World Cup

worldcupPeople that know me well see me generally as a “nice guy” but one with a serious competitive bent. From the golf course to business to book authorship, I like to be at the top. But years ago, a great man told me about the concept of Coopetition. It is an obvious word combination of Competition and Cooperation. The term was so unique that the Harvard Business Review re-used it and attributed it’s creation to my old boss Ray Noorda, one time CEO of Networking juggernaut, Novell. (more…)

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Commemorating the brave soldiers that fought to preserve our way of life in World War I and World War II

IMG_0144This is not my ordinary  blog. Today, we commemorate D-Day.  It was the Allied attack on the European continent beginning at the beaches of Normandy, France, that led to the end of the worst armed conflict ever on our planet. On this very day, 70 years ago, the armed forces from Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and other nations  landed on the beaches of Normandy. I had the high privilege of being  in Belgium last Sunday and spent some time contemplating what happened and paying respect to the brave men and women of the military that fought here. (more…)

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Never Get Too High Or Too Low in Business: The Truth Emerging From The NBA Thunder And Spurs

Thunder-SpursThe critics said the Oklahoma City Thunder were done. Cooked. Over. They had NO chance against the mighty San Antonio Spurs. The 2014 NBA playoffs were being turned over to the San Antonio Spurs on a silver platter. They were even going to run the mighty Miami Heat out of the playoffs. While the final chapter to these NBA games, have yet to be written, we can learn some important lessons from these games. (more…)

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Business Lessons from California Chrome’s Win in the Kentucky Derby

CaliforniaChromeSteve Coburn and Perry Martin laughed all the way to the winner’s circle this last weekend as their horse, California Chrome, made history as the first California horse to win the coveted Kentucky Derby title since 1962. This horse did not come from horse-racing royalty. Perry, a press operator at a small Reno company that makes magnetic strips for credit cards, and Coburn, who helps run an equipment test lab, were mocked by peers and called “dumb asses” when they bought Chrome’s mother, a supposedly worthless mare. Not to be deterred, Martin and Coburn promptly named their venture “Dumb-Ass Partners,” or “DAP,” and employed an 80-year-old trainer–the oldest trainer in the history of the Kentucky Derby. California Chrome won Saturday’s $2 million Derby by a length and three-quarters in front of the second-largest Derby crowd of all time. (more…)

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How Your Company Can Survive for Hours at 38,000 Feet

38kFeetThe amazing story of the 15 year old boy who stowed away on a 5 1/2-hour flight in the frigid wheel well of a jet that flew from San Jose to Hawaii recently caused me to think about the need for Oxygen.

How does one survive a trip like that when the temperature would have dropped to more than 50 degrees below zero and the air would have been thinner than that at the top of Mount Everest? (more…)

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The World-Class Communicator’s Greatest Gift: Curiosity

networking-shakinghandsAs a result of a recent blog, I was contacted by an old friend I have not seen in over a decade. He is serving as a leader for religious organization doing some terrific philanthropic work. He asked me how his team members could improve their skill in engaging people in conversation and showing genuine interest and concern. Hopefully, the response I provided to my old friend, can help you in your own efforts to network and connect in a meaningful way with people. My advice to him read as follows: (more…)

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What the Movie Noah Teaches us About Managing Expectations in Business

NoahLast weekend, I found myself in a small movie theatre in Pinehurst, North Carolina, attending the new movie “Noah” with my oldest son, Trevor. We were back there playing in the National Golf Scramble Finals sponsored by Liberty Mutual. It was a fantastic event. Our 4-person scramble team was a rather unique one in that it consisted of myself and three of my children. (For results, read to the bottom of the post.) (more…)

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Lessons Learned from My Recent Dinner with Robert Shapiro the Founder of Legal Zoom

Robert_ShapiroRobert Shapiro is a remarkable man. Many people know him as the Founder of LegalZoom; others know him as OJ Simpson’s criminal defense lawyer; others for his more recent work as a Corporate lawyer on the civil side representing the Rock Star energy drink company and Steve Wynn of Vegas fame, and still others for his remarkable charity work to raise drug and alcohol dependency awareness. Of course, his work on the OJ Simpson case made him internationally famous.

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Two Things I Learned On American Idol


Hollywood, J Lo, Harry Connick, Jr, Lights, Music, excitement.  The American Idol results show we attended Thursday evening had all of it. What a blast! 

I walked away from this terrific experience with two driving thoughts.  (more…)

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