Do We Have Guardian Angels?

It was an average, ordinary day in Provo, Utah. I had been at our local golf club banging out a few drives on the range. A bit of a nasty weather pattern was starting to emerge so I decided to go back home.  As I began to leave the club in my 2003 Lexus SUV (proud to say that baby has 212,000 miles on it), I pulled my car up to the usual stoplightand began to wait for the light to turn green. This is one of those extra long lights because you are transitioning from a small side street onto a major highway. You know, one of those where you have to wait at least a minute or two for the light to change. 

Finally, after endless seconds, the light turned Green.  As I started onto the main highway from my side street, for some reason I hesitated. Glancing to my left out onto University Avenue, I saw a car speeding recklessly toward the Red stop light doing something like 80 miles an hour or more. When he actually passed through the red light, it had to have been at least five seconds after the light had gone Red. Had I advanced into the street in my normal way, there is no doubt I would have been in for a horrific collision.

I remember thinking “Oh my Gosh- that was unbelievable – What was that guy doing?” Finally, I pulled into the intersection, and turned north onto University Avenue. I had half a notion to follow the car that had so callously sped through the light. I thought to myself “that guy must have been on speed.” In any event, I recall breathing an enormous sigh of relief as I proceeded to reach my normal speed on my drive home.

And, the truth is, after a couple of days, I had completely forgotten about the incident.

Until . . . a couple of days later when I ran into a friend of mine, Dee Oldroyd. He  came up to me and said:

“David – Boy, are you lucky!  I was right behind you at that intersection a couple of days ago.”

I was frankly confused for a second – “What intersection I asked?

“The one going out onto University Avenue from the Club.”

He then added

“What made you hesitate at the light? Why didn’t you just pull out normally?

Seriously, you are really fortunate that you did not pull out – that guy would have killed you.”

What did cause me to wait more than normal?  Was it just chance? Was I daydreaming at the wheel? Or was there a higher power involved? Do I have a guardian angel that was looking out for me?

Frankly I do not know but it got me to thinking about guardian angels. My Father died 30 years ago this year. I have sensed his presence from time to time over the last three decades but to be sure, it has been sporadic. But what if he is there for me 24 hours a day/7days a week without my even knowing it?  Did he cause me to wait at that intersection for the very purpose of helping to preserve my life?

How many times in our everyday lives are we saved from hurt or harm- or disasters,  emotionally or otherwise, by an unseen force? I believe that each us recognize a few instances where we sense some sort of divine intervention but it well could be that these occurrences are much more frequent than we ever imagined . . .we just don’t know it.

Pope Francis in a 2014 address speaking of angels said: “it’s reality.” He went on to say, “According to church tradition, we all have an angel with us, who protects us and helps us understand things.” He encouraged all Catholics to “reaffirm their belief in holy guardians.” Stressing they were not imaginary, he said it was only pride stopping people hearing their voices.

One of the Presidents of my own religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, once said:

“When messengers are sent to minister to the inhabitants of this earth, they are not strangers, but from the ranks of our kindred, friends, and fellow-beings.” President Joseph F. Smith

Another LDS Church leader addressed the question of whether or not each individual has a “guardian angel” when he wrote:

“Undoubtedly angels often guard us from accidents and harm, from temptation and sin. They may properly be spoken of as guardian angels.” Elder John A. Widtsoe

I realize that not everyone reading this believes in guardian angels or even a God. In my life, I choose to do so and it is my contention that any form of loving God will deploy his best resources to assist us. This earth life is difficult and terrifying enough and our Heavenly Father would not want to leave us alone.  There are days and times when we need a helping hand. It is up to us as to whether or not we choose to believe.

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35 thoughts on “Do We Have Guardian Angels?”

  1. Article David. I totally agree with your sentiments. I have ha read article David. I totally agree with your sentiments. I have had similar incidents happening in my life. Watching my boys participated in many hazardous sports and hobbies, I since they have multiple angels watching over them. Cheers, Jeff

  2. David, I’m so glad you wrote about this. I strongly believe we have protectors around us at all times. I’m so glad yours was there for you on that day. Imagine all that those around you would have missed if you’d moved on. Clearly you were not yet finished.

  3. David, excellent post. As a Catholic, I was taught at an early age that we each have a guardian angel and as I’ve matured, it’s still a concept that I lean on. (Hope for?) Always look forward to your posts!

  4. Good article, David — well said. While I believe in the various and sundry roles that angels play, some even “guarding” us (btw, the only time “guardian” is used in the scriptures, it refers to The Lord, not an angel), we’re left with many more questions than answers (there are at least 15 excellent questions raised in your blog entry that no one can really answer). Additionally, why are missionaries killed sometimes? If anyone needs and/or deserves protection from a guardian angel, wouldn’t it be them? Or anyone, child or adult, who suffers from a debilitating disease — is divine protection rendered only in momentary flashes or can such protection be extended for a period of time? Holocaust victims? Do some have access but not others? I don’t want to sound negative — my only point is that sometimes we give meaning to an event because we consider the outcome to be favorable. Many, many questions remain, however, when the outcome is more detrimental.

    I’m glad your outcome was successful.

  5. Good read, David. I’m sure non-believers would ask “So if God sends guardian angels to watch over the David Bradfords of the world, why doesn’t he send them to watch over everyone?”

    And I think the answer has to be that God’s infinite understanding and wisdom from his eternal vantage point trumps our limited capacity to understand and reason given our limited vision.

    I’ve had times when I was protected, and times when I know the Lord withdrew his protection and inspiration (as described in the book of Job) so that I could learn important lessons.

    Like when I couldn’t think of any way to answer your question in a sound byte that day at Thanksgiving Point. 😉

  6. Great post. I’m a believer in guardian angels and often sense grandma or grandpa or great grandma very close, sometimes even almost hearing “I’m proud of you” or more often…”slow down just a little, sweetheart”.

    You made my day.

  7. Great article David. My father passed away last year. Today is his birthday and my family celebrated tonight by going to his favorite restaurant in Orange County, CA. We shared lots of stories of how we’ve felt his presence over the last year. I can think of several miracles that tell me that someone is definitely looking out for me and my family.

    1. Scott- I was deeply touched by your sharing of your Father’s passing and birthday. Wonderful – kind regards, david

  8. Thanks so much for your thoughtful post david.
    We’re glad you’re still with us!
    I too believe we have much more help from Angels on both sides of the veil than we can imagine-many of them in human form-others we can only see with our spiritual eyes. Why we are protected some times and not others I will be fascinated to learn some day. In the meantime I will leave the answers to those key questions to One who Knows the beginning from the end- and leave it in His kind and all knowing hands.

  9. Dear David – I am 58 now & there have been multiple incidents in my life where I was saved by just pure luck. Someone somewhere looks after me I know. This has nothing to do with Christianity. I am a Hindu & we believe in many Gods. Cannot explain why people die in accidents – did their guardian angels fail them at that moment?

    1. Thanks for sharing a Hindu perspective on this. We believe in an all-knowing God. The eternity is a very very long time and we are here on this earth for but a small moment. Our perspectives of life and death are extremely limited. One day, as our consciousness is much more deep and broad, we will understand why some pass and others do not.

  10. Wow, what a story. Just think, how much more tragic it could’ve been. Knowing the time and energy you have put into the game of golf, and to die at the golf course intersection rather than the course itself–tragic.

    Jk. Great story!

    1. Hi just thought i would tell you some thing. This really is the second time now i&2#718;ve landed in your weblog in the last four days hunting for completely unrelated points. Spooky or what?

  11. David,

    My parents also died some time ago. I have sometimes suspected that they continue to watch over my antics, if only in a mood of hopeless depression.


  12. Dave,

    Good post! I have had the exact same experience at an intersection years ago on my way to court in Santa Ana. It was a conscious influence that caused my delay.

    Your friend,


  13. Interesting story you shared on your blog. I had the exact same thing happen to me one morning going to PEC / Ward Council meeting for the Kennesaw Mountain Ward here in GA.

    I was sitting at a red light on a side street (Acworth-Due West Rd) and was getting ready to turn left on to a major road (Dallas Highway) for some reason I hesitated this time (prompting of the spirit) and then I looked and saw to my left this white van with a bunch of ladders on top (painting crew) fly by me at 80 mph or more. (funny you used that 80 mph number that was the same one I thought of in my situation)

    This van ran the light five seconds after it turned red and if I had not hesitated and looked, they would have broad sided me on the driver’s side in my green Honda Accord and I would have been dead on the scene.

    It was the still small voice that prompted me that morning to hesitate or pause. It taught me a lesson that day that I have never forgotten, now every single time I start to proceed through a red light, I look both ways before I proceed. My guardian angel that day was the Holy Ghost and I thank God for protecting me that day. You realize when that happens that we still have a greater purpose here / mission left on earth to accomplish for him and his son, Jesus Christ.

    I appreciate you sharing that story, it made me remember mine experience and how sometimes that even the smallest things can make the biggest differences in our lives!!

  14. David,
    You may or may not remember me. Remember Carl and Paula Pringle from Studio City/North Hollywood?? I’m Paula.

    Thanks for your great article. I too recently had an experience, but it is too personal to share. This experience solidified my belief that there are angels watching over us daily. I believe more strongly than ever that those on the other side watch over us. I know Carl is.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m certainly glad you were being watched over.

    Paula Pringle

    1. Hi Paula – great to hear from you again. Sure Linda and I remember you and Carl well. I am sorry you lost him. We spent time together in the Santa Clarita Valley I believe although I semi grew up in Burbank/Studio City/North Hollywood. My Grandma Parkes had a place at 7811 Rhodes North Hollywood.

  15. David,

    You must have work yet to do and people to touch. Amazing event and I’m glad for your hesitation.

    Thanks for sharing,


  16. I appreciate the spirit and message you conveyed. Especially as I take a moment to teach my children about the importance of remembering those who gave all to preserve freedom and liberty on this Memorial Day. You inspire me to reflect on those ancestors who have gone before. I’m spending a lot of time on and there are times when I feel strongly that the person I am adding to my family tree or maybe adding a memory, knows I am thinking about them. It helps me to be better and so does your provocative blog.

  17. Dave,

    As I read your post, I was expecting someone of your energy to chance him down. I wonder what he was dealing with when he ran the red light? I, too, am grateful for promptings and only hope I’m smart enough to listen. It would be much easier if our angels had access to this great modern technology, blue tooth, texts, and GREAT BLOGS! Thanks!

  18. Dear David:

    In what ever form the Lord wants to send them, there are impressions that come to bless us in time of need. In your case, you were spared because, in my opinion, you were too important to those of us who love you to be taken from us. You are a treasure and you still have much to do to serve your fellow men, hence your Heavenly Father. May He always watch over you and Linda, dear friend. Mel

    1. Thanks so much Brother Hammond. I have the deepest respect for you. You are the ultimate example to me of a great man.

  19. Dave,

    I was talking to a good friend at lunch today about your recent blog post and he said, “YES, of course their are angels and they have written great songs about them”….

    Keep those inspiring posts coming..

  20. Great post, David.

    My wife once heard a voice say “Hesitate,” when her red light turned green. An oncoming Mac truck blazed through the red which surely would have hit her car. She looked at her friend in the passenger seat and said why did you say hesitate? Just before the truck ran the light. I once was heading through two green lights passing through a north bound south bound 8 lane freeway (Telegraph Rd., in Detroit), and “woke up” between the lights at a dead stop, from some 30 mph, foot firmly on the brake. I didn’t remember consciously trying to stop at all. Suddenly I saw a white flash out of the corner of my right eye. It was an old Cadillac at high speed. It ran the red light and hit the car just in front of me. It spun and stopped inches from my bumper. I instantly memorized the Cadillacs plate – as he left the scene. I believe in our Heavenly Father and divine intervention through guardian angels. Even though I broke my leg 27 days ago mountain biking. Somehow I didn’t get the message that time. :) but really appreciate all the other help my family and I have had through the years. Again, Thanks for a great post.

  21. This is a dear subject to me. When I was a little boy – between 3 and 5 years old – I frequently “saw” like an afterimage from a flashbulb (remember those) a woman, dressed all in white. She always disappeared when I turned around, a kind of JUST missed her thing other than the after image. She always seemed to be around when I was in need of comfort or in a scary situation. As I got older I saw her less frequently, and the last memory was when I was 8. 7 years ago my daughter was born. I felt as if I had known her for a long time – which made no sense to me. When she was 5, one night she woke up having nightmares, and I comforted her by telling her one of my “Guardian Angel” stories. (What I experienced as a kid – the experiences are still vivid in my mind). From that point on, she requested those stories, even having me repeat them. One day we were in the care togehter, listening to some LDS children’s songs. Out of the blue she said “daddy, turn the radio off, I need to tell you something” (remember, she is 5). I complied and asked her what was up – but suddenly, the most powerful spiritual feeling came over me, and I knew what she was going to say before she said it. She said, “Daddy, I was your guardian angel when you were little”. I had to pull over immediately because I burst into tears of joy. She was crying too – and as silly or ridiculous as it sounds – I know it to be the truth, because of the feeling I had before she even spoke it. I still know it. I’m weeping as I sit here writing this, because the feeling is so overpowering – a feeling of Love and Spirituality. I don’t question it. Unbelievable? Maybe… but that’s my experience….

    1. Cory – that is an extraordinarily powerful story! Thank you, thank you for sharing it. It brought tears to the eyes of our family has we read scriptures tonight about children and the power of the Holy Ghost as related in 3rd Nephi. I then shared with them what you had written. Once again, Thank You!

  22. Dave–great post. I do believe in guardian angels, and I have sensed some form of divine interventions in my life most times and I do believe that there is a higher power watching over us. I do believe that our dearly departed ones are around us all the time helping us meander this earthly path. Thank you for your post. Very insightful.

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