Flourish or Flounder in Business


I saw a road sign some years ago which read:

“Every business relationship has its basis in a personal relationship.”

That one resonated!  I now use it almost on a daily basis to remind people that business is personal.   

People can flourish or flounder in their career aspirations based on how they connect, nurture, and expand their professional networks woth PEOPLE. In the end, People matter the most. As I reflect on my career in business and most recently in my roles as CEO of Fusion-io and HireVue, I recognize that my relationships and personal connections have been the fuel that has driven part of the engine of these companies. As said by Louis Gerstner, former IBM CEO, “Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.”

I am not a computer scientist by training. And yet, my career has been linked to technology. I am not the smartest guy in the room, yet I, as an average lawyer having grown up in one of the smallest towns imaginable, came to run a company voted the “Most Innovative in the World.”  The secret?  Business is personal.

As I connect the dots from year to year, from opportunity to opportunity, it becomes obvious that the opportunities I have been given are attributable to relationships that have been grown or established through simple interactions via technology. The fuel has been my love of people; technology has simply been the means to communicate with them.

Back to my initial point: “Every business relationship has its basis in a personal relationship.” If that is true, and I firmly believe it is, we should be doing everything we can on a daily basis to secure and expand our personal relationships. If done with genuine interest and sincerity, deep relationships will be formed.  Trust will ensue. And when Trust exists business gets done because people like to do business with those whom they Trust.

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“Flourish or Flounder in Business”

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