My List of Things to Be Grateful for During 2020! #GiveThanks

Here is my list of Top 10 Things that we can be uniquely grateful for during the 2020 COVID Pandemic!

1. A Reset Button for The World—2020, a year marked by the COVID pandemic, offers an opportunity to step back and reconsider our priorities as a people and a planet.
2. “Home” Is No Longer A Pit Stop—Schedules aren’t as rushed or compromised, leading to more opportunities to spend time with family.
3. The Value of Exercise—Research shows that regular, moderately intense exercise has immune-boosting benefits.
4.  A Recognition That Material Things Are Not As Important—We find it easier to identify what is critical to happiness in our lives.
5. Caregivers, Teachers and 1st Responders—These individuals are deeply appreciated, and we now have increased opportunities to thank these individuals.
6. A Renewed Appreciation for Family—The pandemic has limited many people to home and immediate family. For most people, this has increased their appreciation of family.
7. Rediscovering Nature—Now we have more opportunities to listen to the crashing waves and the songs of birds. What if we spent more times in parks than malls?
8. Massive Improvements in the Environment—Skies are blue in Delhi and the air quality in China has improved dramatically.
9. Innovation in Technology and Epidemiology—Technological and scientific innovations will benefit humanity for years and years to come.
10. A Renewed Opportunity for Reflection and to Express Gratitude—We can step back and look at our friends and family and express thanks to them during this times.

If you can think of other things to be grateful for during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks, I’m grateful for you!


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