David Bradford

Topics for Success

David Bradford is referred to as “The Human Internet.” A pioneer in his own right to networking. David keynotes large scale conferences, summits, corporate events, to small fireside chats doing Q&A’s.

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Why Choose David?

David Bradford is a personable speaker, with an extensive business portfolio of topics that cover tips to networking at work, evolution of technology, business leadership, business culture and more.

Speaking Topics

The topics below are just a small example of what David can bring to your audience. Each topic can be tailored to your business and event needs.  David’s ability to bring a room of people together and connect them to one another, will astonish you.  His beaming smile, personality, and years of business expertise will leave you and your audience feeling inspired for a greater future, and asking how to create a bigger network for your business.

How to Build a Network

How to build a billion dollar network

101 Tips for Networking

David Bradford’s Top 101 Tips for shockingly personal, powerful and permanent business connections


The history of the computer software industry from Gary Kildall to Bill Gates to Apple to Oracle to Microsoft and beyond

Leveraging LinkedIn

Top Ten Insights on how to build your business using LinkedIn

Build A Company

What it takes to build a billion dollar company

Antitrust Enforcement

Antitrust enforcement in the day of Computer Software – Who can enforce what? Is it too late?

Hiring Strategies

How I hired a Management team to take a company Public using Facebook and LinkedIn

Social Media for Executives

How a CEO Should be using Social Media

Here are just a few of the comments David has received after recent speaking engagements:

“Words can’t express my sincere appreciation for you and the time you gave us on Friday. You hit it out of the park! Every single person on my management team came up to me at the end of the day and said how impressed they were with you and how much they enjoyed learning from you. You were the highlight of our entire management retreat. You have a way with people and I’m so grateful for our friendship.” – Darin Zwick, CEO of Zwick Construction

“Thank you again for being the keynote speaker at our Company training. We couldn’t have had it turn out any better–you did an amazing job, to the point that everyone has been commenting that they are “Upping their game”! Thank you for being so personable, so knowledgable, and so willing to help all of us (and remind a few us) to do and be better. We hope to see you another time.” – Gina Truman Founder, DoTerra

“Thank you for picking me out of the crowd tonight and for staying to sign books. Your positive energy is contagious and inspiring.” – Sheri

“Thanks for the great talk this evening! I am inspired to dive even deeper into my business. What an incredible journey you are on…thanks for motivating us!” – Ann-Marie

“I enjoyed your presentation at our Zwick Company retreat. I was reading your book when my brother stopped by who is going to school to become a pastor. I passed my copy onto him after sharing with him my experience at our retreat. Thank you for taking the time to come visit with us.” – Ben

“Thank you for your good council at our Zwick Construction Management Retreat. The company was buzzing with positive feedback regarding your remarks. Our company will certainly benefit from your advice. ” – Kael 

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